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Reef - Board Game Box Shot


| Published: 2018
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Observe the growth of nature's most beautiful and exotic natural structure: the coral reef. Found primarily in the Indo-Pacific region, it has taken reefs thousands of years to grow. Over that time, they have mesmerized marine life and created amazing aquatic ecosystems. Prepare yourselves to do the same... and open your eyes to the beauty of the oceans.

REEF was created by acclaimed designer Emerson Matsuuchi – best known for designing the Century series. During the game, players serve as the reef itself, alternating turns carefully selecting which colors and patterns in which to grow and expand - the more beautiful the reef, the more points they will score!

Reef is suited for players 8 and older. While it could take thousands of years for a coral reef to grow, we expect a game of Reef to only take about 30 – 45 minutes.

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