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Pyramid of the Sun - Board Game Box Shot

Pyramid of the Sun

, | Published: 2017
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Become one of the architects of the breath-taking structure towering over the ancient city of Teotihuacan! Outwit your friends and make history as the true builder of the Pyramid of the Sun!

Pyramid of the Sun is a light strategy game of clever card placement and hand management. Each turn, you’ll draw two cards and then engage in the decision of where onto the pyramid to play cards and earn the most points. One row of cards serves as the first level of the pyramid, and cards on further levels must be laid like bricks on top of two cards already in place on the level below. Score points for each card equal to the level you played it on or the printed value of the card, and add points for each adjacent symbol that matches the symbol of your played card. Once the pyramid has been completely formed, the player with the most points is the winner!

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