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Games Added (Feb 14)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 14-Feb-19 | 5 comments
Games added to

Upcoming Releases

My First Castle Panic
Fireside Games | Release Date: 2019 Q1 (03-06-19)

Detective: L.A. Crimes
Portal Games | Release Date: 2019 2Q (03-29-19)

2018 Releases

Chronicles of Crime
Lucky Duck Games | Published: 2018

Blackout Hong Kong
eggertspiele | Published: 2018

Space Park
Keymaster Games | Published: 2018

Smirk and Laughter Games | Published: 2018

PieceKeeper Games | Published: 2018

Architects of the West Kingdom
Garphill Games, Renegade Game Studios | Published: 2018

Game Brewer, Tasty Minstrel Games | Published: 2018

Plaid Hat Games | Published: 2018

Trash Pandas
Gamewright | Published: 2018

Welcome To…
Deep Water | Published: 2018

Quacks of Quedlinburg
North Star Games, Schmidt Spiele | Published: 2018

2017 & Earlier Releases

5-Minute Dungeon
Kosmos, Wiggles 3D | Published: 2017

Witching Hour
Indie Boards and Cards | Published: 2017

Bang! The Dice Game: Old Saloon
Abacusspiele, dV Giochi | Published: 2016

Floating Market
Eagle-Gryphon Games | Published: 2015

Treasure Hunter
Queen Games | Published: 2015

What’s Your Game? | Published: 2014

Past Classic

Published: 1977

Comments (5)

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Blackout is the new game I’ve played the most and was a very pleasant surprise despite a rather blackish looking board. There are some similarities to Mombasa although not as brutal.

Having played Quacks once I can see why it won the Kennerspiel last year. Fun push your luck bag building game.

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El Dorado
Guardian Angel

Lots of games I’m not familiar with. Time to do some exploring.

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Wow! More games to study! How many games are out there in the market??

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Gearworks, yay!!

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I am pleased to see “Welcome To…” added to the site. I have been playing roll and write style games a lot lately, and this one looks like it is really well done.

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