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Welcome To…

| Published: 2018
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Players compete to be named Best Suburb by giving the houses in their developments the best parks, pools, and curb appeal. The game supports 1 to 100 players out of the box and is perfect for any size playgroup, because everyone takes their turn at the same time!

Every round players select which house they want to build out of 3 available, writing their selected house onto their player sheet. They’ll then have the option of taking a bonus action, based on the house they picked. In addition to competing for the title of Best Suburb, they’ll also be racing to complete objectives set by the city. There’s multiple ways to score big in this game, and no two plays are the same.

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“Flip and fill goodness”

The offspring of the “roll and write” Welcome To brings you a challenging “flip and fill”.


Welcome To is a game where you try to rise up to the challenge of suburban planning by arranging houses, subdivisions, parks and pools to have the best most efficient planned series of neighborhoods. Each urn 3 cards are revealed. They will have values of 1 through 15 and your job each turn is to choose one of the 3 numbers and place them on your neighborhood board. Like in the game Qwinto, these numbers must be in ascending order from left to right in each row. If you are unable to place any of the 3 numbers as the game goes on, you take a miss for end game negatives. Along with the number you choose will be one of several actions you can take. These actions can be

Place a fence- Adding a fence between houses to create subdivisions for goals or end game scoring for subdivisions sized 1 through 6

Parkland- increase the value of your park in the street you placed your house that turn

Temp- hire a temp who will allow you to alter the number you choe by plus of minus 1 or 2, this also plays into an end game bonus

Pool- if you place your number on a house with a pool, increase your end game pool score

Real estate- increase the endgame value of a subdivision size

Bis- add a duplicate house of the same value in a blank spot next to a filled spot. Then increase the penalty of your end game “Bis penalty”

Game ends when a player either
-fills out all houses
-records 3 misses
-Accomplishes a 3 public goals

The Bad

It is addictive, as such, you can and likely will run out of sheets fast, I suggest laminating at 6+ (possibly more the game does say plays 1-100) and using dry erase markers to alleviate that

In conclusion

As “and writes” go this is probably my favorite one, and that’s saying something with how much I love the roll and write/flip and fill” genre. Get this one and get it yesterday!


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