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9 out of 14 gamers thought this was helpful

Can’t go wrong at this price point. These “Exit” games have been a blast with my family. They don’t take very long and can get a good size group engaged for the time frame.

Be Aware though the game is “disposable” ie. you will not be able to play again if played how you are supposed to. It calls for you to destroy components.

In essence (since I don’t want to spoil it for you) you are given a “room” as well as things you would see at first. You look around the provided cards for clues that lead to how you solve it.

If you are shy about doing that, then give UNLOCK! a chance.

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Millennium Blades

11 out of 25 gamers thought this was helpful

This game OOZES with theme. Everything from the setting to the mechanics buy into the concept of what this is. Made with the whole CCG theme in mind, without the endless money sink.

Issues I do have are length of play (it can get a little long) and learning curve. It really takes a bit to get going in it.

Best thing about it is the components. Fat stacks of cash to throw around which is the only game I want to have paper money. The card packs look like your buying foil packs.

So once again, the simple review is, Love It!

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Steampunk Rally

77 out of 112 gamers thought this was helpful

Overall there are some nice things in this game. Production quality is high (I played a KS copy with the stretch goals) the gear tokens were a nice touch. Game has a nice looking race track with interesting variations.

In general though the dice mechanic was a not very intuitive. With having to reduce numbers, and canceling dice out. Iconography caused me to constantly be going back to the rules to make sure I knew what the symbols meant.

Overall, enjoyable but complicated. Will play again, but wont chase it down to ensure it happens.

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Star Trek: Catan

66 out of 110 gamers thought this was helpful

It’s Catan. While Catan is a good game slapping a licensed theme onto it doesn’t make it a great game.

The game does come with some decent pieces, but the starships as roads, to the space stations really break the theme for me.

The 1 thing that really separates this from just a Catan money making clone is the variable player powers. Which do add something to it. If you are a fan of both Catan and StarTrek then give it a shot. If you like one or the other, then stick with whatever of the two float your boat.

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