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I was first introduced to the game at the Dice Tower Part Deux gaming convention. I sat through a demo of the game and found that it hooked me completely. The game is definitely not the easiest card based game that I have learned but it appeals to my strategy and power gamer part. It is all about you versus the other player and how good the spell book you built is. Even the base, pre-built spell books are incredibly balanced and you can play right out of the box. I ran a pre-built in a tournament at the con and managed to win two matches right after learning the game.

The art work is gorgeous and make you want to look at every card. The explanations on the cards are clear and really easy to understand when you play them. I look forward to teaching the game to more people and getting even more games under my belt to help learn it.

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This game was on my want list for a long time and I finally took the plunge. I am so glad I did. It creates an online DeathMatch feel while providing the face-to-face interaction of a board game.

In addition to simulating an FPS with multiple modes (including rules for story (objective) driven mode, king of the hill, and capture the flag), this game is dripping with theme. It is a Tesla fan’s dream, but there are characters for the Occult fans too. And all wrapped up in a Weird World War II theme.

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