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Forbidden Island

35 out of 83 gamers thought this was helpful

Low learning curve and relies just enough luck to keep you on your toes. Frantic pace, mild puzzle solving and plenty of teamwork make this game fun for repeat plays. Good entry level game when set on novice level and brutally paced on expert. Gets my 4 footers excited every time I bring it out. Kids even argue over who gets to shuffle….who gets to hold the treasure and who gets to flip over parts of the island. Can’t wait for Desert!

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55 out of 145 gamers thought this was helpful

Solo Zombicide is great. You can control all the minis yourself and the game plays the zombies. But playing less than 6 players can be a handicap….especially when extra activation cards show up. 2 or 3 players can split the minis evenly…4 or 5….not so much. Many times playing with 4 people it felt like we were bound to loose so we took the extra activation cards out of the spawn deck. We still barely managed to win.

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