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This week’s Explorable Favorites (Dec 16)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 16-Dec-13 | 8 comments

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This Week’s Explorable Games

This round of Explorable Favorites is from the member that currently has the most XP, Andy! The two games selected from his favorites shelf are:

These games will be explorable until next Monday, December 23th.

After you’ve explored these games, let us know what you think about them in the comments below!

Comments (8)

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
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Although Richard Garfield is the creator of Robo Rally, the game did not attract me. Must be because of the theme, whatever.

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Z-Man Games fan

Still on the fence with Mage Knight. I just have so many games with Fantasy theme. I realize after watching the videos and reading reviews that it is quite a different game from what I own but…. Would I play it solo? not sure.

Robo Rally of course is a great game design by Richard Garfield. I only pull it out with specific groups as the game can definitely drag on.



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South Africa

I’d like to throw Coin Age into the mix for the week. While it’s a kickstarter game, it’s ready to go via print n play straight away.

I’ve just played three games and it surprised me, strategic, easy to learn, and quick. Please consider adding it to as a game.

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

Two famous games.

Although I only have the same curiosity to play Mage Knight Board Game.

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Finally, at the correct dig site, my team and I dug up some “Old Bones”. Still researching what the relic near it’s hand is…

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I, at least, will never give a thumbs down for a negative review. As long as you take the time to write a review with substance and not just post an impression, I will always give a thumbs up.

I strongly recommend playing this with one board to start, rather than four. This allows you to learn the rules, but, moreover, it promotes more player interaction with one another. Put out 4 flags and use just the one tile for a game and see if you feel any different about the game. I am not a huge fan of using 4 tiles, but love it with two.

These are two of my all time favorite games as well. I am getting the Krang Mage Knight expansion. My wife doesn’t know that yet. Santa will have it under the tree for me.

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I play black

Ooh, a game that Yours Truly reviewed. We will see how many people give it a thumbs-down for being less than glowing.

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Two of my all time favorite game designs, and by two fantastic designers. I wish Mage Knight didn’t end up having so much downtime so I could get it played more often!

Thanks Jim!

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