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Board Games on kickstarter (Sep 18)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 18-Sep-14 | 10 comments

board and card games on kickstarter

Below is a selection of games that stood out to us while browsing

Backing a project can be a great thing, but please do the research on a game before you put money into it. Happy exploring!

Miniatures Games

Role-Playing Games

Other Game Related campaigns

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Comments (10)

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Mage Wars fan

these look good

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At the moment, The Boy and I are knee deep in Pledge Management that all came inbox crashing at once, so not much actual pledging at the moment.

But I do have a The Hai Eye on two RPG supplements

Breakfast Cult A tentacle-in-cheek FATE system supplement of over-powered high schoolers taking on The Great Old Ones. The name itself made me laugh and it has unlocked some nice extra source material. The Black Yearbook??? That sounds tasty!

I would also be extremely remiss if I didn’t mention what some of my left-coast chums at Dead Gentlemen, purveyors of fine webisodic geekery such as The Gamers Series and JourneyQuest, are up to.

Demon Hunters RPG: A Comedy of Terrors . Sort of Call of Cthulhu meets Paranoia. I was given their original hardcover corebook as a giftie and it is a lot of Eldritch meets Evil Dead fun. 😉

Oh and The Boy is rolling about all over the floor in regards to Feng Shui 2 because apparently back in the day that was one of his jams. *sigh*

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It’s in its final days, but Divorce:The Game! Is one I’ve been keeping my eye on. Some think the theme isn’t funny or it’s taking a serious subject to lightly, but I believe it’s clear satire and has some simple, interesting mechanics. Check it out. 🙂

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The Gold Heart

Totally keeping my eye on Slaughterball. I tried last time to help. It will be exciting to see where it goes- this go around looks much more successful.

I also saw a tactical dice game Called Taledian Tactics (think Final Fantasy Tactics, but with dice representing monsters).

I have the full size coconuts, so I am debating getting Duo. I think the special ability cards for Duo are superior. I’d also love to have a few pink coconuts for the boys. 😛

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Military Service

Bomb Squad and Space Movers.

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Considering King Down and The Lounge, but nothing on my books as of yet.

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I'm a Gamin' Fiend!

Made it a week and a half without backing anything. That ended last night 🙂

Though I’m only at $1 right now for the Feng Shui 2 RPG, I have a feeling I’ll be picking up the physical book and maybe some extras before it’s all over. But other than that not a whole lot catching my eye.

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El Dorado
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There are only a few days to make up my mind about Galaxy of Trian.

King Down looks interesting, I really like the miniatures though considering the size of the big one we can call them maxi-atures

Otherwise not much for me this week…I pledged for Secret of the lost tomb and Dead man tell no tales last week

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My carry-overs (only 3!!! This is awesome!): Poseidon’s Kingdom, Coconuts Duo and King Down.

Equally awesome, only one addition:

Slaughterball the relaunch: I had a strong preference for this over Dreadball when they both launched at the same time earlier this year, and was sorely disappointed when Dreadball steamrolled it. Now it’s back and better than ever, and should fund today or tomorrow and start knocking down stretch goals! Very excited.

A few reasons I prefer this to Dreadball:
– I am not a wargamer, so I couldn’t care less about consistency in size of miniatures. For board games, bigger is better – and the 40mm miniatures in Slaughterball are much more appealing than the 28mm Dreadball figures.
Slaughterball‘s miniatures are colored differently by team, so you don’t have to paint them before playing. I now have around 250 flat grey Dreadball miniatures sitting in my house waiting to be painted, and really won’t be able to play until 2 of the teams are done. It will literally take me years before I’ll be able to play with all 12 teams that came in the first wave (another 12 teams are on the way in December). I’ll be able to play Slaughterball immediately.
– Those 250 Dreadball miniatures? Yeah, I had to assemble them. Painful, painful process that took maybe 50 hours to complete. Slaughterball miniatures are pre-assembled.
Slaughterball‘s 2-sided board has a side specialized for 2/4 players and one for 3 players. Most tactical games work poorly or not at all with 3 players. Dreadball is 2-player only.

I’m anxious to see how far this will go.

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Even though it is GameSalute, I pledged for Poseidon’s Kingdom. I know the game will be solid coming from Fragor Bros.

King’s Down has grabbed my attention though I haven’t committed yet. Otherwise, not much that is spectacular to me.

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