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Red November

47 out of 97 gamers thought this was helpful

This game is one of those that look great on paper, when you’re a little bit tipsy, in a bar, close to las call.

The game has two ways to win and lots of ways to loose. And one of the win conditions is that everyone else drowns while you go away and wait for it to end.

Not the best game in the market and not even close to a good one.

A easy party game at the best but would rather recommend something that you would like to play a second time.

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Neuroshima Hex!

96 out of 152 gamers thought this was helpful

THis game is supposed to be easy and as close to abstract as one can hope for of a thematically oriented game these days. But instead you get a really confusing and hard to follow game that will frustrate you each time you need to go to the rules to understand what all the small icons on each game piece does.

First time I played it was with a couple of friends that told me they knew the game. Then it was really fun and easy. After that I got it myself and played it as I was taught. After a while I read the rules and figured out that my dear friends probably hadn’t even opened the rule book themselves.

I think it has a lot of potential but it really needs to be tweaked a bit and the icons on the game pieces needs better visuals and rules.

I would not recommend this as one of your first games.

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56 out of 72 gamers thought this was helpful

THis ins not even close to the original. This is more a memory game then anything. And if you are like me, not even remembering who that dude in the mirror is from time to time. Then this game is not for you.

It’s confusing and plain contradictory at times.


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80 out of 94 gamers thought this was helpful

This is then the expansion for you.

Even though the components here are great looking and the quality is impeccable this does not so much add to the game as takes away from it.

You now have faster rounds and less strategy involve. You don’t have to choose what to draw or what to block. It’s all up to the dice.

So if you think Ticket is to hard or need faster games, then this is for you. Otherwise, stay away.

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38 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

This expansion puts a new twist to the dominion game.
By adding the 7 coin cost cards the buying of cards and especially cards that got stuck on Gold via Upgrade before now has a chance to go past that up to Province.

The card are really a new level in power but feels costed accordingly. And by adding the Colony and Platinum (the next level of Victory and Treasure) you really don’t feel restricted at all by the higher costs.
The best thing is that you seldom feel that the older cards are underpriced or to cheep either.

If you are going to buy one expansion to your Dominion bas set or Intrigue, this should be it!

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62 out of 115 gamers thought this was helpful

This was a game changer when it first dropped and still today makes waves as each expansion changes and evolves the game to new heights.

The idea of using just combinations of then piles of cards, that change from game to game, is an excellent engine for replayabillity. Sure some combinations don’t work well together and will make for an uninteresting round. But this is ofter fixed with a new draft of cards and the game can start again.

The basic game should only be played to learn the game as you can easily abuse it as the power level of the cards are a tad bit lower then in the expansions. This leads to a possibility to just purchase money and avoid the action phase entirely.

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