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95 out of 167 gamers thought this was helpful

This showed up the night before Thanksgiving so my girlfriend and I gave it try on Thanksgiving day. We played the basic rules and had fun playing. It was easy to learn (and I think moving from the basic to the advanced rules will be easy as well), and thanks to some lucky placement our first game ended in victory (though not in total victory). The fire spreading mechanism seemed to work very well. Once an area starts to burn it really starts to burn.

With only two players, we pretty much concentrated on getting people out and did very little fire fighting. I can see that changing though as you add more firefighters to the mix.

I also picked up the expansion, so I’ve have the firefighter meeples which adds a really nice touch to play.

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Martian Dice

7 out of 46 gamers thought this was helpful

My girlfriend and I gave this a whirl last night and had fun. Easy to learn, but the variations in scoring make for some interesting possibile strategies. Dice are nice and seem to be well made. A good game for when you don’t want to have to think too hard.

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5 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

This game will always have a soft spot in my heart as it’s one of the first games I played with my girlfriend. It is one of those deceptively easy games that has a surprising amount of strategy built into it.

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