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Zombie Dice

28 out of 31 gamers thought this was helpful

Easy to play, roll 3 dice keep the brains and shots (shotgun blasts), runner dice allow you to roll again and add more dice to bring your rolling total back up to three. You may quit while you’re ahead and score your brains or push your luck when runner dice are present. Careful though 3 shot dice and you lose your brains for that turn!

Overall I was astounded by the sheer cheering from other players for the current player to get bad rolls & the amount of enthusiasm with the game in general. Obviously knowing the amount of dice left helps, 3 red, 4 yellow and 6 green. The dice are stacked in favor of more brains to even to less brains with more shots as you go from green to yellow to red.

A little bit of advice I learned from a friend that I have also put into the tips section:

I agree with previous posters about making a dice bag. It solves 2 issues, larger hands have a hard time grabbing dice from the cup & the cup is also very noisy.

I would also include another piece of cloth with the game to roll the dice on to save more noise – although the excited yelling of young kids (& adults too)may very well curb your noise reducing efforts!

A dice tray could work but that would take away from the travel size of the game.

Overall, I must say this game has great replay value since everyone reacts to the extreme dice rolls (good & bad) and all are very involved in what others roll as well. I will keep playing!

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