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All Wound Up!

9 out of 34 gamers thought this was helpful

Wound Up is a simple game involving wind up toys. It wouldn’t take much to teach a child. The tactile aspect of seeing a toy zombie walking around adds to the fun. I generally pull this game out to unwind after a full day of gaming at conventions and we have a blast. It’s not a serious game, but it sure is fun.

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Zombie Dice

10 out of 36 gamers thought this was helpful

Any game that catches my 5 year old’s attention that isn’t Monopoly gets my consideration. Zombie Dice isn’t a strategy game or a deep game at all. It’s purely beer & pretzels. Or in my case Cherry Coke and Funions. Despite not being my favorite SJG game it sure gets mileage. And themed around zombies doesn’t hurt. In fact I might design a game around the dice for combat resolution.

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