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All Wound Up! - Board Game Box Shot

All Wound Up!

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All wound up! all wound up zombie game

It's boring when you're dead. So, you and your deceased friends have decided to have a little race around the graveyard...." Thus begins the wackiest game from Twilight Creations yet! The players control pawns as usual. But, the pawns in this game are self-propelled, windup toys! Game play determines how many winds you get or if you can change direction. Special areas of the board grant you bonuses for landing on them, and some areas slow you down. The first one out of the graveyard wins.

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“Not to be taken seriously at all.”

Wound Up is a simple game involving wind up toys. It wouldn’t take much to teach a child. The tactile aspect of seeing a toy zombie walking around adds to the fun. I generally pull this game out to unwind after a full day of gaming at conventions and we have a blast. It’s not a serious game, but it sure is fun.


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