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The Agents

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Received my Kickstarter edition (along with 3 expansion packs) a few weeks back and we left the game on the shelves for no specific reason…. We just didn’t want to learn it. Only last week that we decided to give it a try… We should had try it sooner!! It’s a fantastic small game!

Component wise, except for the expansions tuck box that were destroyed during shipping, everything else is perfect. I love the feel of the plastic cards and the artwork is amazing (could be a a little too dark, but that’s a minor thing that I think is due to the fact that they decided to switch to plastic cards once the design were completed).

Gameplay is very simple to learn, but there is so much to it. The game mechanic of having all Agent cards doing something good for you and one of your opponent each time they are played provides some intense planning and head scratching! I have to say that I’m a fan of games that made you do tough decisions, and this game is all that!

As for the expansions, I order one Agents expansion, The ‘Spoof’ Agents, and 2 Missions ones, Mission: Critical and Black Ops. I didn’t try the the Missions ones, but the Spoof agents is a really nice addition, that provides some extra gameplay.

In conclusion… Do I recommend that game? If you love quick but intense games, that plays fast with 2-4 players, and love having hard decisions to take each turns, YES! It’s cheap, and really fun!

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