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Dungeon! Is a VERY simple dungeon-crawl board game in which the heroes move through the labyrinthine catacombs, battling creatures and drawing random treasure cards. Once your hero has collected his required amount of gold pieces in treasure, he races to the dungeon entrance to claim victory!

The game mechanics are simplicity in their purest form. Almost every test in this game is made using a pair of six-sided dice, and target numbers are clearly printed on every card, color coded for simplicity.

Dungeon! is not a boardgame for the hardcore D&D players. It is, however, a great gamer-family game, especially if you’re trying to introduce your kids to D&D.

Components are average, except for the pawns, which aren’t very well made, but there isn;t much room to argue with the $20 price tag.

Dungeon! was the first board game I owned as a kid, and I was happy to add it to my collection again.

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