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75 out of 149 gamers thought this was helpful

I have only gotten to play this from Jack the Ripper’s perspective however I have played this game about 6 times now. It is a great game…if you play with the right people it has excellent replay value and the theme is fantastic. This game is great to play at a game night or club meeting or with people who do not know your reactions all that well at least from Jack’s perspective. It is nearly impossible to win as Jack if you don’t bring your poker face..and even then my family/girlfriend were able to figure out what I was doing fairly early on. However like most games if you play with someone who over thinks their every move it can get long and tedious, however I would strongly recommend owning this game at the very least trying it out.

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25 out of 37 gamers thought this was helpful

At first glance when you open this game or even look at it on the back of the box, it looks amazing. The art work is beautiful the cards are well designed and laid out. The fantasy theme in this game is also fantastic great types of enemies from Dragons to Undead. It is easy to pick up if you have played other deck building games but slightly harder to learn than dominion because of the combat part of the game.

However I have found that the last 5-6 turns for almost every player are spent “going to the dungeon and killing the evil monsters” there reaches a point near the end of the game even when you add the expansions when your deck is very powerful and you don’t have to add anymore cards to it and instead you just go and kill monsters, and almost everyone will be killing monsters only their last few turns. Because of this I find the last 15minutes of the game to get rather repetitive.

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Rune Age

30 out of 52 gamers thought this was helpful

Rune Age combines fluid easy game play with a unique fantasy combat twist. Unlike thunderstone the end game of the game doesn’t include 5-6 turns of combat where you are almost guaranteed to win. The game has a great build up and no matter which victory condition you play by you end on a climax of the game.

The numerous game play variations make it appealing to many different gamers, co-operative, a race to kill the biggest monster or build your monument first or a competitive cut throat version that pits players against each other.

Defiantly would recommend buying this one!

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