What are you playing this weekend? (Sep 12)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 11-Sep-14 | 28 comments

We got our kickstarter copy of Galaxy Defenders so we’re super excited to take it for a spin this weekend! If we have time we’ll also play some Dead of Winter… so it’s a cooperative game weekend for us.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Rosetta Stone

Kingdom Builder, maybe some Pirates Cove, and hopefully Race for the Galaxy

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I play black

Already knocked down five games of Doomtown. Pathfinder and family game night to follow.

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Tide of Iron fan

I will try to get in another Memoir 44 D-Day Landings map tonight. Maybe some Lords of the Waterdeep too this weekend.

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El Dorado
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Family gaming this saturday : Ticket to ride / Stone age / Kingsburg / Ancient Terrible Thing

Fortune and Glory on sunday

It will be more a Destiny videogame weekend

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Sentinels of the Multiverse fan

Spent some more birthday money on Caverna and Star Realms, so hope to get some plays of Caverna in this weekend. Star Realms arrives next week unfortunately.

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The Gold Heart

Hoping to give Russian Railroads a spin.

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Stone of the Sun
I'm a Gamin' Fiend!

Getting some Doomtown in on Saturday at a release event.

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I’m probably gonna be to tired for any gaming this weekend. My son turns 4 on Sunday and his the kids from his kindergarten will be there on Saturday and a family celebration on Sunday.

Did get a chance to play Progress: Evolution of Technology a couple of days ago which was a very nice surprise although getting a third action early seemed a little overpowered.

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