What are you playing this weekend? (Feb 3)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 3-Feb-17 | 11 comments

This weekend we’re going to try out some Pandemic Legacy, and throw in some smaller rounds of Herbaceous as well.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Didn’t get much in this weekend. One play of Flip City and Kodama. This was my first play of Kodama, and so far, I’m liking it.

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I added Morels to my collection, and I played Carcassonne and Biblios.

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I played a few era of The Colonists and 2 games of Vitivulture

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Got Small World to the table, and learned a couple of old purchases that were collecting dust!

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I played Battletech over the weekend. I haven’t played that in a long time. I used the 2nd edition City Tech boxed set for most of the mechs. My friend has more mech miniatures than I do, so he brought some of his minis. He won the game, as he usually does. He also complained about his mechs being mostly primary designs, while I had the upgrades, but he still won.

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I had an unexpectedly epic weekend in terms of gaming.

Friday was a game night with 6, lots of simultaneous action titles like
Sushi Go Party (yes, it is worth to get it over the original), 7 Wonders and Mysterium with some Telestrations and Exploding Kittens fnishing off the night.

Saturday and Sunday was mostly hanging at home with a sick kid, which meant a couple of runs of LoTR LCG as well as My First Carcassonne and My First Stone Age with some Animal Upon Animal thrown in for good measure.

I usually feel like I should’ve played more by Sunday night but right now I’m pretty content 🙂

@NilsV – TtR Europe is excellent, hope your family has fun with it! It worked very well with my parents (who are far from being hardcore gamers)

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As a new gamer, I’m exited that tonight my wife, parents and I are sitting down for our first go of Ticket To Ride Europe.

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Good gaming weekend:

Friday: Orleans, Snow Tails, 7 Wonders w/expansions & Ra. First time play for all except 7 Wonders.
Saturday: Napoleonic Wars
Sunday: Krosmaster: Arena (2x)

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Snow and cold outside. Looking to get a game or two in this weekend. On deck – Fortune and Glory: the Cliffhanger Game, Star Wars: X-Wing, Betrayal at House on the Hill, and possibly Tsuro of the Seas, Alhambra, and Pandemic w/On the Brink

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After a couple weeks of inactivity, it’s been a solid week/planned weekend for me.

Wed I played Fortune & Glory, Deception: Murder in Hong Kong, and Run, Fight, or Die.

Thurs I played Above and Below for the first time and absolutely loved it.

Tomorrow I have Freedom: The Underground Railroad, Bloodborne, and Blood Rage scheduled. Never played Freedom or Bloodborne and am eager to. Blood Rage is an all-time fave of mine!

So yeah, should be a good one tomorrow!

Ended up also playing Time Management and Beyond the Gates of Antares: The Dice Game.

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