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What are you playing this weekend? (April 6)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 6-Apr-12 | 33 comments

Last night was our game night, so we got in a quick game of Food Fight, and then took it to the dark corridors of Gears of War. I really enjoy the cooperative and quick gameplay of Gears of War, but suggest not teaching it to a group at 11 at night. By the time we had things down, we were all tired. It’s definitely a game we’ll bring out again though, just earlier. 🙂

This being a holiday weekend, are you planning on bring out the games?

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Will be playing Quarriors and DungeonQuest with my son. We have played DungeonQuest a couple of times. My son has not played Quarriors yet. He realy digs the dice/card concept.

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I’ll be playing some Two by Two, Dixit, and Takenoko with the kids, and maybe get a game of Ora & Labora in before Sunday has gone.

@Millhouse Good luck! Stay away from Survive and Lifeboats with the future in-laws… learned that lesson the hard way.

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I’ll be playing some more Eminent Domain tonight, if all goes according to plan! Played first game a couple days ago and loved it. I won a free copy from Tasty Minstrel’s retweet contest. Expect a review in a couple weeks!

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Good luck, Millhouse! 🙂

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Good luck Millhouse!

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My wife is hooked on Thurn and Taxis,so that and a little Dominion.

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I received my copy of Puerto Rico, 10th Anniversary Edition, and I’m hoping to play that along with Cosmic Wimpout, Dice Town and Poison.
Should be a blast!

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I thought I’d be doing some serious gaming at PAX East. Not so much. This is my first time here. Board games are an afterthought here. I’m sticking with Origins and GenCon.

Looks like SmallWorld with the kids when I get home.

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I was hoping that FFG’s “Infiltration” would show up but alas – no word from my FLGS. So probably some Pirate Fluxx, and Stratego and maybe Star Trek DBG.

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Im going to be asking for my girlfriends hand in marriage tonight. The families and lots of friends will be around. Im sure after the celebrations and we’re sitting around relaxing we’ll bust out some games. The brother in law has already inquired about what we’re playing this weekend. Wish me luck!

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Dominion for sure. I just purchased Quarriors and Munchkin and hope to play both.

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I’ll be playing some Ticket to Ride, and perhaps I’ll be buying Small World. Can’t wait to try that!

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We have friends coming over, so that means Dixit!

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