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Review: Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards – Duel at Mt.Skullzfyre

Posted by renee {Power Gamer} | 14-Mar-12 | 11 comments

The ultimate take-that to all “take-that” card games

Nothing warms you up for a night of gaming like an insane wizard duel to death. This is a filler game that accomplishes awesome. It’s fast, epic, fun where even if you die pathetically it’s the raddest magical death you’ll ever experience.

Game content warning

Please be aware this card game might not be suitable for all gamers. The rulebook uses strong language and many of the cards contain artwork of graphic violence, strong language and crude humor that some might consider inappropriate.

The Artwork of Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt.Skullzfyre is not for everyone so I have developed this simple litmus test in fashion of a Choose Your Own Adventure to prepare you for what you’ll encounter:

Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards: Duel at Mt. Skullzfyre

Choose Your Own Adventure

Look at the Epic Spell Wars title image above of the wizard casting a purple spell.

If you think…

“I like don’t like the look of this, it’s not suitable for my family,”
to try another fun battle game turn to game page,
King of Tokyo.

“I’m disgusted, my offense-o-meter has rocketed to Defcon-1,”
do not proceed this quest ends here.

“Oh snap! Let’s do this,”
read the rest of the review by turning to page,
Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards.

“I’m scared. Can I stop closing my eyes now?”
turn to game page,
Snuggle Penguin Jr.’s Mildly Thrilling Sharing Game.

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Comments (11)

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Excellent review for a great game, thanks!

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A friend of mine bought and I’m anxious to play as soon as it arrive. I saw a review by Ryan Metzler and I liked very much. I hope confirm my expectations.

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I’m not too concerned whether the art-work is too graphic or not – there are many many games out there that have pushed the limits of … appropriateness. Obviously parents need to be informed about what their children are looking at. And if Crypto want to exclude a demographic from their games – well that’s their choice. But Crypto just seems to want to push that envelope intentionally. I believe there was a similar discussion about the art of Food Fight…

The key for me – and probably many others here – is does the gameplay hold up? I have played many bad games with great and extremely appropriate art. I hope this game plays as good as it sounds!

Thanks for the review!

P.S. Looking forward to Snuggle Penguin Jr. Deck Building Game.

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I just got this. It looks pretty cool.I will try it this weekend! 🙂

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I know this is not true for everyone but for me the artwork and visual appeal plays a primary role in what games I decide to purchase.

Snuggle Penguin Jr.
I heard the second edition Snuggle’s Penguin Jr. game uses magical crystal berries to determine player order and honestly I think that is just unacceptable.

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If the artwork above is anything to go by, this will be one cool-looking game. I don’t mind the harsh language but appreciate that some might be offended though. A ‘beer and pretzels’ game if ever there was one!

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The artwork is not offensive or over the top. It looks more silly than anything else. ****, people see more gruesome and graphical stuff on prime time TV than that particular piece of art. 😉

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This is one of those games I’ll be holding off on whether I want it or not until a friend has played it and weighed in on it. It’s just so easy to see how this could either be wonderfully brutish, or hoping to ride an immense wave of hype before anyone notices the game’s no good.

If it’s still popular in a year, I’ll believe more of the hype. For now, it’s all in the artwork and how it presents itself.

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Definitely going to have to pick this game up, after I get Snuggle Penguin Jr.’s Mildly Thrilling Sharing Game of course.

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Want game!

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Fun review that clearly informs of who should and shouldn’t be looking into the game.

I’m anxious to see the future review for Snuggle Penguin Jr.’s Mildly Thrilling Sharing Game [it’s magical and musical!], which looks like it has potential (but not as much as Epic Spell Wars), but until then will be content with this awesome review!

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