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L5R Aftermath card preview – Khalimpeh-jiak

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 6-Nov-13 | 4 comments

L5R: Aftermath - Khalimpeh-jiak card


An interesting weapon from the Ivory Kingdoms, this card was a result of a Name a Card tournament won by Jeremy Lai last year. As previous Ivory Edition Designer Diaries have told us, Force plays a much bigger role in Ivory than in previous editions of the game. It is there that the versatility of the Khalimpeh-jiak should shine, and we hope the player-base embraces Gorobei’s willingness to experiment with it.

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Mantis Clan - Legend of the Five Rings

If you’re looking for a weapon to use in decks this arc, this is a great place to start. The -2F ability is really good here due to the time you can take the action (Engage). This allows your other actions (such as a Ranged or Melee attack) to be more devastating as there are no actions that currently make a card stronger during the Engage step.

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Rosetta Stone
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Yeah, that’s a good card. Funny flavor too.

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Jiak the Ripper?

The flavor text is amusing as heck. This is yet another tool in Force Penalty Edition, with the strength being that it is an Engage action. It’s a better card than the comparable The ******* Ones from Gates of Chaos, which has one more force and the same Engage action at the cost of a point of Honor and a card from hand.

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A katar with a distinctive desing?

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