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Games Added (Oct 6)

Posted by Chris {Avid Gamer} | 6-Oct-17 | 6 comments
Games added to


Potato Pirates {upcoming game}
Colombo | Release Date: 2018 Q1 (01-15-18)

New Releases

The 7th Continent
Serious Poulp | Published: 2017

Ex Libris
Renegade Games Studio | Published: 2017

Word Domination
Uproarious Games | Published: 2017

Starfinder Roleplaying Game
Paizo Publishing | Published: 2017

Flip Ships
Renegade Games Studio | Published: 2017

Between Two Cities: Capitals {expansion}
Stonemaier Games | Published: 2017

Past Releases

Council of Blackthorn
Great Northern Games | Published: 2016

TCG Toys | Published: 2015

Bring Your Own Book
Do Better Games | Published: 2015

Runebound (3rd edition)
Fantasy Flight Games | Published: 2015

The Beastlord
Yaquinto Games | Published: 1979

Boggle Classic
Hasbro | Published: 1972

Chinese Checkers
Milton Bradley, Ravensburger | Published: 1892

Comments (6)

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I play blue

I remember my third grade classroom had a copy of Boggle to play during free time.

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

Chinese Checkers, this variant I needed to understand the rules.

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That’s great that you remembered you wanted Bring Your Own Book. My husband and I played a short game with a few of their Print and Play cards to see how it played. It seems like a fun party game for people who like to read and I think every book club should play it at their next party!

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Very much looking forward to 7th continent.

Regretted not backing it the last time on KS.

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El Dorado
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Whoa! Chinese checkers. That brings back some fond memories from my childhood.

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Old Bones
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Right on! Just backed 7th Continent’s 2nd Kickstarter and looking forward to playing that (after March). Happy to see Word Domination, too!

And thanks for the reminder about Bring Your Own Book; I just went to the publisher and bought that!

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