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Runebound (3rd edition) - Board Game Box Shot

Runebound (3rd edition)

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Welcome to Terrinoth, adventurer! Runebound is a strategy board game of heroic deeds and high adventure that invites two to four players to brave impossible dangers and experience the thrill of exploration in the fantasy realm of Terrinoth. In every game, you tell an epic tale of your hero’s path from humble beginnings as you fight to defeat an ancient evil, arisen from Terrinoth’s troubled past to plague its future.

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In every game of Runebound, you must race against your rival heroes to increase your power and become the hero to save Terrinoth. Adventures are around every bend in the road and behind every hilltop in Terrinoth. You can slay monsters, explore the wild fastnesses, or interact with the denizens of Terrinoth in tense social encounters. Whatever quests you undertake, you must never lose sight of your goal – to destroy the great threat leveled against Terrinoth before another hero can steal your glory.

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“Sleeper hit!”

Now this is the game that I would call a sleeper hit.
Bought it a few years ago driven by the impulse – I just had enough of discount in my LGS that I could get this game basically for free. As it stands I am glad I did – because Runebound happened to be the best fantasy adventure game I have ever played.
In a way one can call it a gamer’s version of Talisman – you take role of the brave hero and try to get enough skills and magic equipment to take on powerful archenemy (dragon, powerful necromancer, etc.) at the end of the game. And to get skills and equipment you need gold and experience – those you get by completing quests scattered all over beatiful board game that represents fantasy realm of Terrinoth. Those quests might be achieved by slaying monsters, finding secret places or treasures, or by completing encounters with strangers. Greatest thing Runebound does is perfect mix of strategic gameplay and evocative theme. You feel as if your hero travelled through dangerous fantasy land searching for quests and dangerous monsters but also mechanics of the game give you a lot of room for strategy and decision making. Also, it is game of practically infinite replayability – there are many scenarios, three modes of play (co-op, single, competitive) and a lot of random elements that make this game fresh every time you play. Without a doubt it is the best game in it’s class – and yes it is better even than Mage Knight when it comes to fantasy adventure games.


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