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Go to the Runebound (3rd edition) page

Now this is the game that I would call a sleeper hit.
Bought it a few years ago driven by the impulse – I just had enough of discount in my LGS that I could get this game basically for free. As it stands I am glad I did – because Runebound happened to be the best fantasy adventure game I have ever played.
In a way one can call it a gamer’s version of Talisman – you take role of the brave hero and try to get enough skills and magic equipment to take on powerful archenemy (dragon, powerful necromancer, etc.) at the end of the game. And to get skills and equipment you need gold and experience – those you get by completing quests scattered all over beatiful board game that represents fantasy realm of Terrinoth. Those quests might be achieved by slaying monsters, finding secret places or treasures, or by completing encounters with strangers. Greatest thing Runebound does is perfect mix of strategic gameplay and evocative theme. You feel as if your hero travelled through dangerous fantasy land searching for quests and dangerous monsters but also mechanics of the game give you a lot of room for strategy and decision making. Also, it is game of practically infinite replayability – there are many scenarios, three modes of play (co-op, single, competitive) and a lot of random elements that make this game fresh every time you play. Without a doubt it is the best game in it’s class – and yes it is better even than Mage Knight when it comes to fantasy adventure games.

Go to the Twilight Imperium (4th Ed.) page

It was 3rd edition of Twilight Imperium that started board gaming hobby for me – it was 2013 and big, colorful box promising adventure, strategy and epic space opera conflict drew my attention – Twilight Imperium was the game that catched my imagination and showed me how great board games can be.
But it was not a perfect game by any means – despite my love for this title I had opportunity to play it only about 15 times – it was heavy, it needed expansion to work properly and there were some in-game mechanics that made 3rd edition great and epic, yet flawed classic (in a way it was a board game version of “Conan the Barbarian” movie – a lot of great stuff wrinkled with some bad elements. Anyways, there was room for improvement and fortunately FFG saw it too.
4th edition of Twilight Imperium is not a revolution but an evolution of previous edition – former 3rd edition players will feel like at home with new game. But all changes made are just perfect. In 2 years I already played in 4th edition about 20 times – all my gaming buddies hold an opinion that it is the best currently available strategy game on the market. And I concur.

Strategy cards are refined and works perfectly, new technology development rules are clear and easy to grasp, PDS are built only by using Construction Strategy Card – thus turtling got removed. Also, contrary to many FFG titles, base game works perfectly and is a complete game. In a way I am worried that expansion is coming because in my opinion basic version of Twilight Imperium 4th edition is just perfect game – and I am truly worried that new stuff will „spoil” perfect balance and elegant design of basic game.
Anyways – if you got at least 2 other gaming buddies don’t hesitate and buy this game – it is one of the greatest strategy/ameritrash games ever published.

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