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Word Domination - Board Game Box Shot

Word Domination

| Published: 2017

Word Domination is the the award-winning area control / word game that is perfect for word-buffs and strategic junkies alike. Play one of 8 criminal masterminds, plotting to steal the world's treasures before your opponents. But you'll need more than a big vocabulary to succeed. Word Domination is a game of skill, strategy, and diabolical fun.

Take the role of a 1970s-era villain, each with their own, unique character ability.

  • Hard-to-use letters provide unique, devious powers to the wielder
  • Completely interactive - unlike many word games, you'll be messing with your opponents on every turn
  • Competitive, cooperative, and single player gameplay options
  • Easy to learn, easy to teach - watch a how-to-play video or checkout the rulebook

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“Creative Spelling Fun”

Word Domination is a creative word game where you are battling for dominance.

How it works
The game is a grid of tiles that are laid out. On your turn, you place a new tile somewhere on the outside of the grid. You then come up with a word using the letter you just placed and any other letters that are on the grid. Letters do not need to be connected. You can also use letters you have collected in front of yourself. When you come up with your word, you place your colored markers on the letters you used.

The next person does the same. When they create a word, they place their markers on the tiles. If they use the same letters as a previous player, that other player’s markers are removed. If you use a letter that still has your marker on it, you claim that tile for yourself and it gets moved in front of you (not part of the grid anymore). The tile if replaced with an upside-down tile (no replacement letter) and your marker is left on it.

After a set amount of rounds, the game is done.

You get a point for all your captured letters. You also get a point for every tile in a grouping of tiles (3 or more).

What is interesting
• Coming up with similar words as others (or as yourself) so you can use essentially the same letters as an opponent or to claim letters for yourself is the challenge
• Do you go for removing all the markers of other players or do you concentrate on getting as many of your color out there so some will survive until it is back to your turn?
• There are special tiles that, if captured, give you special powers
• There are also special character powers that can be added in
• The tiles are random and as you capture letter tiles, some off the stack take there place upside-down- thus continuing with the randomization of what tiles are and will be available
• If there is only one copy of a letter showing and a player captures it, only they can utilize that letter in future words
• The area control scoring gives you the incentive to battle over specific tiles that will block someone from joining up groups of areas
• The theme (Didn’t I mention that? Players are villains trying to dominate the world – sort of fun but not necessary).


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