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The 7th Continent

| Published: 2017
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The 7th Continent is a cooperative exploration and survival board game with mechanics inspired by the adventure books where "you are the hero”.

On your own or in a team of up to 4 players, set off on an epic adventure and attempt to lift the curses that were placed upon you during your first expedition to the continent.

Progress at your own pace through this mysterious land, building the board piece by piece with numbered Terrain and Event cards.

If you want to live through the many dangers of the 7th Continent and lift your curse, you will have to use all your survival skills: craft items, hunt and fish to get food, learn how to benefit from your environment, spend experience points to acquire new abilities, etc.

Unlike other board games, The 7th Continent will take you through many, MANY hours of adventure as you explore the continent to lift your curse… or die trying! To make this manageable, the game includes a simple yet effective save system that allows you to quickly interrupt the game at any time and have it ready for your next session, just like in a video game.

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“Lost, Confused...and Loving it.”

Were you a fan of the TV show LOST? Have you ever wondered how you would do if you woke up on a deserted island knowing something was terribly wrong but unsure of what exactly it was, equally unsure of where you are, and still worse, how to get home? Then rip off some jungle vines and lash together your survivalist skills in this awesome and unpredictable game The 7th Continent by #seriouspoulp. I recently received my copy from Kickstarter, I don’t think it’s out in general publication yet, but if you are a gamer who loves adventures then you should reserve a copy today from your local supplier. This game enhances the mystery of island exploration with a fun “fog of war” mechanic that keeps benefits and conflicts hidden until you commit to exploring a region. Each explorer on your team adds a new level of team play, will you venture together for safety in numbers? Or run off to cover more territory. Careful though, you quickly learn you are cursed and if you don’t solve it before your deck of actions run out you risk destruction. You have to keep your wits about you and delve into the beautiful geographic art on the cards, can you find the hidden clues to lead you? Or will you wander aimlessly? This game has been great for me and Elena, it’s fun with just two players which is great news for people who can’t find a large enough gaming group to commit to a game like this. It does seem to be on the longer side. We have played two rounds now and haven’t finished our first game yet. But don’t worry! You don’t need to reserve your tabletop for just this game. The creators have a great “save point” system in place that lets you pause and clean up your game and come right back where you left off with minimal hassle. This is awesome for people with busy lives and kids that don’t have huge blocks of time to dedicate to an epic adventure. It also has a fun way to allow new explorers to jump in mid-game or bow out if the party wants to keep going after they leave. The thrill of play and exploration has been great. I look forward to seeing how it ramps up as we come closer to the end, but I know that I don’t need to wait to give this title a hearty endorsement.


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