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Games Added (March 30)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 30-Mar-18 | 8 comments
Games added to

2018 Releases

Hunt for the Ring
Ares Games | Published: 2018

Founders of Gloomhaven
Cephalofair Games | Published: 2018

2017 Releases

Legends of Andor: The Last Hope
Thames and Kosmos | Published: 2017

Bunny Kingdom
iello | Published: 2017

One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
Asmadi Games | Published: 2017

Legacy of Dragonholt
Fantasy Flight Games | Published: 2017

The Colonists
Lookout Games, Mayfair Games | Published: 2017

Champions of Midgard: The Dark Mountains
Grey Fox Games | Published: 2017

X-Files: Trust No One
IDW Games | Published: 2017

2016 Releases

Cottage Garden
Edition Spielwiese, Stronghold Games | Published: 2016

In the Name of Odin
NSKN Games | Published: 2016

CMON, Spaghetti Western Games | Published: 2016

Leaving Earth: Outer Planets
The Lumenaris Group | Published: 2016

Camel Up Cards
Z-Man Games | Published: 2016

Atlas Games | Published: 2016

Bézier Games | Published: 2016

2015 & Earlier Releases

Letter Tycoon
Breaking Games, Squirmy Beast Inc. | Published: 2015

GMT Games | Published: 2015

Blam!, Quick Simple Fun Games | Published: 2015

Matagot | Published: 2015

Comments (8)

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I was curious about the following game:

Legacy of Dragonholt.

In my opinion, Fantasy Flight Games always makes games that are neat and have first-class content.

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Thanks for the update! Yall are doing GREAT work! It finally feels like new life is being breathed back into this site. I am happy to see growth and some new faces in the discussions as well. Keep up the strong work!

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Wow! What a great list of games! Thank you!

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@Tiana: I haven’t played Cross Hares so can’t give an opinion on a comparison. Some of the guys in my gaming group like Bunny Kingdom. BK is area control with a subtle deck building mechanic which is all the rage with area control games these days.

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@Stargazer and NickJ I appreciate it! Most of these were requests, so hopefully the requestor(s) will find them on the web site. And it sounds like you may discover something new 🙂 There’s a bunch more coming in the pipeline. I am curious how Bunny Kingdom compares to Cross Hares.

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Another large bunch of games! Thanks Tiana! None that I own or very familiar with. However I do want to give Bunny Kingdom a try.

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I too don’t yet own any of these, but I want to try Cottage Garden.

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None that I own, but one for the wishlist.

You’re really cranking the new game additions out at a good clip right now! Much appreciated.

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