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Camel Up Cards

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This stand-alone version of the classic Camel Up board game uses cards for the same wacky betting fun. Just like in Camel Up, you can bet on which camels will be in the lead or middle of the pack at the end of each leg, as well as the overall winner and loser of each race. In Camel Up Cards, however, cards form the race track, and revealing Racing cards moves the camels. Play a Racing card from your hand, or leave things to chance and choose the top card from the Racing deck. Whatever you decide, place your bets early to win big!

In addition to your hand of Racing cards, you can manipulate the race in other ways. Use the Fennec and Palm Tree tokens to give your favored camels the boost they need. Camels or camel stacks ending on a space with the Palm Tree move forward one additional space—arriving on top of any camels that might be in there already! Camels landing on a space with the Fennec move backward one space, and go under any camels there already—so a camel bringing up the rear could suddenly find itself on top of a camel stack! Manage your race cards to take advantage of these tokens and give yourself a leg up on the competition. The camels are at the starting line, so get ready to place your bets!

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“Tidy & Fun”

This is a simple game that has some ‘take that’ possibilities in that each player may select the cards to go into a common pool and the Fennec/Fox – to move a camel{s} back a space, as well as the Oasis –
to move camel(s) forward a space. What will be your stradegy? Sabotage the leader? Aid the leader for more victory points? Or make sure your loser stays in last place? Plenty of options to score points!


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