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Games Added (March 20)

Posted by Tiana901 {Family Gamer} | 20-Mar-18 | 7 comments
Games added to

2018 Releases

Edition Spielwiese, Stronghold Games | Published: 2018

Fields of Arle: Tea & Trade
Z-Man Games | Published: 2018

The Shipwreck Arcana
meromorph games | Published: 2018

2017 Releases

The Fox in the Forest
Foxtrot Games, Renegade Games Studio | Published: 2017

Rajas of The Ganges
HUCH!, R&R Games | Published: 2017

Jump Drive
Rio Grande Games | Published: 2017

Cobra Paw
Bananagrams | Published: 2017

This War of Mine
Awaken Realms | Published: 2017

Asmodee, Repos | Published: 2017

Arena: For the Gods
iello | Published: 2017

Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies
Plaid Hat Games | Published: 2017

Elder Sign: Omens of the Deep
Fantasy Flight Games | Published: 2017

Battle for Greyport
Slugfest Games | Published: 2017

Smash Up: What Were We Thinking
Alderac Entertainment Group | Published: 2017

Murder of Crows (2nd ed)
Atlas Games | Published: 2017

2016 Releases

Not Alone
Geek Attitude Games, Stronghold Games | Published: 2016

Czech Games Edition | Published: 2016

Junk Art
Pretzel Games | Published: 2016

New Bedford
Greater Than Games, Oakleaf Games | Published: 2016

Jellybean Games | Published: 2016

Spheres of Influence: Struggle for Global Supremacy
Little Nukes Games | Published: 2016

Cosmic Pioneers
MAGE Company, Vesuvius Media | Published: 2016

Mythos Tales
8th Summit | Published: 2016

Before I Kill You, Mister Spy
Cheapass Games | Published: 2016

Healthy Heart Hospital
Victory Point Games | Published: 2016

Legendary: Big Trouble in Little China
Upper Deck Entertainment | Published: 2016

Studio Tomahawk | Published: 2016

Martians: A Story of Civilization
REDIMP Games | Published: 2016

Virus | Published: 2016

2015 & Earlier Releases

Marrying Mr. Darcy: Emma
Self-published | Published: 2015

Colt Express: Horses & Stagecoach
Asmodee, Ludonaute | Published: 2015

The Last Spike
Columbia Games | Published: 2015

Circular Reasoning
Breaking Games | Published: 2015

The Artifact
Print and Play Productions, Sierra Madre Games | Published: 2012

Monsters Menace America
Avalon Hill, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast | Published: 2005

Railroad Rush Hour
Binary Arts, ThinkFun | Published: 1998

Comments (7)

Gamer Avatar
Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

How I wanted this This War of Mine … I played and platinum on PS4 and I still had a taste of want more …

Gamer Avatar
Gamer - Level 3
I Am What I Am

Thank you very much for this update Tiana. Two more expansions I can mark as owned.

Gamer Avatar
I play purple
Explorer - Level 6
Cryptozoic Entertainment fan

Wow that is a lot of games!!! I am going to be busy for weeks!! Thanks!!

Gamer Avatar
Novice Reviewer
I Own a Game!
Explorer - Level 3

You got the theme of Virus spot on. I have this but haven’t had a chance to play it yet. Also two others I can tag as owned also.

Gamer Avatar
Movie Lover
Book Lover
I play blue

Yea for Jump Drive and The Fox in the Forest!

Gamer Avatar
I play blue
El Dorado
Guardian Angel

Quite another long list! I’m not familiar with many of them. Still two to tag as owned though.

Gamer Avatar
The Gold Heart
Grand Master Grader

Hey, four more I can tag as owned. Good stuff.

Virus sounds nicely Resident Evil-y. I’ll have to check it out.

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