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Family Focus Review – River Dragons

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 9-Mar-13 | 8 comments

Family Focus Review

Family Focus Review

These reviews provide insight on some of the best games for families with young gamers. Written from a parent’s perspective for a fun and educational family game night!

River Dragon close up

In River Dragons, you are a young hopeful from your village trying to be the first to cross the river and receive a golden dragon from the King himself. Players in turn choose 5 action cards that dictate what they do during the turn. You can place stones in the river, place a plank or two on the stones and even take away other player’s planks. But dragons can rise out of the river and cancel other players’ actions! Negotiate your way across the river to the opposite village and you win!

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Comments (8)

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Not my stlye

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I'm Completely Obsessed

This looks fun to play with a not really gamer wife, but does it play well for 2 players?

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Smash Up: Dinosaur Faction Fan

Got a chance to play last night. My son and I had fun, played a little modified to get the feel. I am planning on picking it up. Not sure if the replay will be as good on this as other games though. With a $40 price point I am taking that into consideration. Hoping to play again to really make my choice.

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Eminent Domain Fan
Eminent Domain Fan

We’ve been having a blast with this since picking it up last month.

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Sentinels of the Multiverse fan
Tasty Minstrel Games Fan

Please keep doing these family focus reviews. This is great for me as I have kids who love to play games. This really helps me make decisions!

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Count / Countess Beta 1.0 Tester Beta 2.0 Tester
Cryptozoic Entertainment fan

This looks fun!

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I play blue
Football Fan
Advanced Reviewer

Good game. Played it in its previous version. Looks like the production quality got upped quite a bit.

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Veteran Grader

This looks like a fun, Robo-Rally-like game for kids with a icy cold dunk tank-esque “ha ha, take THAT!” component. It’s going in the wish list (eventually) for my budding gamerlings!

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