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BoardGaming Updates (19-July-11)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 19-Jul-11 | 1 comment

Added Games:

Betrayal at House on the Hill
Family Fluxx
Pirate Fluxx
Zombie Fluxx
Magic: The Gathering

Added Expansions:

Many of Magic: The Gathering‘s most recent expansions
click here to view them >

Recruiter quests

New quests for inviting friends

Get rewards for recruiting friends to!

By inviting new users to join, you can complete the Recruiter quests and level up your Reporter skill class. The goal is to recruit new active gamers, so a successful “recruit” is considered to be somebody who reaches Gamer Level 1.

See the new Recruiter quests >

Top Ten Widget

Improved “Top Ten” Widget

The Top Ten widget found on many pages of the site now includes the top hearted, played and reviewed games.

We will be continually working on improving this widget so that it provides users with a quick reference to what’s popular currently and overall.

See it in action >

Badge brag slots

Brag about any badge

Now you can put any badge in your brag slot, rather than just the recent achievements!

At the bottom of each quest page you will see all the badges you’ve received, with a number under them representing the brag slot you can put them in. Simply click on the slot you want the badge to show up in and your done.

Visit the Gamer quests page >



A new currency has been added to the site called “Gems”

You also may have noticed that the recruiting quests reward them! What these can be used for is still in the works, but they will be worth more than BG Gold.

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Wow a lot of good games added here. Fluxx and Munchkin and Betrayal make up a common night at our table!

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