Get limited edition Mythic Kingdoms fantasy-themed playing cards while supplies last. has reached 100 games!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 7-Mar-11 | 5 comments

BG 100 games and counting

Here at we’re striving to give you the most current, easiest to access and funnest to learn about gaming info out there. We’ve reached a pretty big milestone of 100 games!

We want to continue to bring more and more of your favorite games to the site.

If the games you play aren’t here yet, just go to the feedback page and add a comment with a list of your favorites, and those will go to the top of our cue!

The 100th game was Ascension, a deck building game by Gary Games.

We look forward to continuing our quest to bringing you more quality content!

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Jeez, looking through these old posts it’s amazing how the site has grown.

(And also how late I am to the party.)

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Love this site and love going over the old stuff. Helps foster a sense of community to me when I do.

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Stone of the Sun

Best Board game site by miles!

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Wow. I have been looking through the old pages. Just over four years ago, the site had only 100 games. It has grown wonderfully.

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Congratulations on 100 games. I know it is just the tip of the iceberg for the potential this site has. I look forward to seeing more games and being introduced to more games through this site.

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