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Days of Wonder Announces Small World Underground!

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 29-Apr-11 | 3 comments

Small World Underground title and characters

image © Days of Wonder

Days of Wonder takes it’s witty territory control game Small World to the underworld! Small World Underground is a new stand-alone game designed by Philippe Keyaerts and created in the same beautifully illustrated world of Small World.

Small World Underground mudmen

image © Days of Wonder

The game will feature totally new locations with rivers that are hard to cross, and volcanos that can only be occupied by certain races. There will be 15 new races, along with new powers and other fun twists and additions. Though it’s a stand-alone game, Days of Wonder has said you can “combine it with other Small World game elements.”

Small World Underground will be a 2-5 player game, for ages 8 and up. It’s set to be released in North America in July. So fans of this game should make sure and pre-order a copy, because my guess is this game will sell like hot cakes!

Learn more about Small World Underground

Official game page: Days of Wonder – Small World Underground

Comments (3)

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You hardly need this AND Smallworld since both have a complete game, but it is so nice to have so many options!! Love this game AND Smallworld.

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I really enjoy this expansion and the options to combine the two. A lot of replay value added to a game that already has a ton of replay value.

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Fantastic addition to the realm of Smallworld. And when the expansion rule set comes out this spring to crossover the two editions of Smallworld and Smallworld Underground, the game play will be even better.

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