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Board Games on kickstarter (Jun 18)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 18-Jun-15 | 9 comments

board and card games on kickstarter

Below is a selection of games that stood out to us while browsing

Backing a project can be a great thing, but please do the research on a game before you put money into it. Happy exploring!

Role-Playing Games

Miniatures Games

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I backed ‘Epic Card Game.’ After Star Realms got such great reviews, I figured I’d back this and give it a shot – first time I’ve ever done anything on kickstarter. It looks really fun! Can’t wait to get in the mail!

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Keeping an eye on Loop,Inc by Scott Almes

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Backing Mare Nostrum, Zombicide: Black Plague and Middara. Watching the stretch goals role in…

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Backed Mare Nostrum Empires.

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Apex: Theropod is fabulous thematic deck builder and should be even better with the expansions. It’s not a dinosaur game for kids, but one where you are trying to be the baddest species of hunter/killers in the land. It is a delight to play solo and the designer is very active on the Die-Hard Games forums. Check out the fabulous artwork and gameplay — dinosaurs are still cool!

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Interested in Foe Hunters, but not so sure…

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Stone of the Sun

Anybody ever played a racing game before like Monster truck mayhem?

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Apotheka is very close to my tastes and so i’m backing it.Seems awesome. Also i want to recomment for all the metalheads and thrashers(’cause of the theme) the Thrash’n Roll boardgame,just check it as well as Rahdo’s runthrough,it’s amazing…Unfortunately Vikings Of Dragonia seems that is not funded,i hope for a better luck in the future…

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Mare Nostrum: Empires is 2403% funded. Wow!

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