Launching on Kickstarter July 2020

We are excited to announce that the Kickstarter campaign for our illustrated playing cards will be launched this month! Greg did an amazing job on the illustrations, and even won an illustrator's award for the One-Eyed Jack.

Watch the teaser video above to see prototypes of some of the cards. Then, enter your email address below to be included in our Early Backer email list. We'll notify you on the day of the launch. There will be a limited number of Early Backer specials.

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The Story So Far

A Kickstarter campaign is largely about the journey and story, so until the campaign officially launches, we'll keep you updated via this page.

Jim, Greg, and Jon have been talking about doing a kickstarter campaign for years. We've toyed with various ideas for developing our own games, and based on our strengths we decided to keep things simple and develop a collector's set of illustrated playing cards.

We vastly underpredicted the effort all those illustrations would take. But we weren't going to make a half-hearted effort. It's taken a number of years, and Greg has of course been busy with plenty of other things. But, after a huge effort in 2019, we're now about 99% done! There is still one more card to illustrate, and that will be one of the stretch goals (an extra joker).

Our original intention was to launch the kickstarter this spring, but COVID-19 put a huge wrench in that. On the plus side, the delay allowed us time to print a couple iterations of prototypes. We didn't print these prototypes using USPCC (the company that includes the Bicycle, Bee, and other popular brands), but we will be using USPCC for the actual print run. That will involve printing and verifying proofs prior to the final run.

Those of you who have ever tried selling physical objects realize how big of a job fulfillment can be (the process of receiving inventory and shipping it to customers). Although we could outsource this, Jon has been researching and preparing to handle the fulfillment process. It's likely we'll limit distribution to the US, but if we get enough comments (or complaints, or pleadings), we may open up to additional countries.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment below!

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