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54 out of 61 gamers thought this was helpful

First off, let’s face it: This game isn’t for everyone. But you probably knew that already, and that’s why you’re checking the reviews. Let me try to help.

Do you like a decent dose of randomness?

‘Cause this game has it. Now, this word gets thrown around a lot. It gets used in place of “******” or “unfun.” And to some people this may be the case. Not to me. I appreciate randomness. As long as there is something else there (theme, innovative mechanics, cool bits), I’m usually okay with luck. To me it’s what makes a game a “game” and not an “exercise.” This is a game.

Do you like Yahtzee?

Meh. Doesn’t really matter if you do or don’t. There are quite a few dice games out there that are essentially Yahtzee variants (roll three times, can save some, etc.), but this isn’t one. This features combat, “deck-building” and varying abilities. Nothing really Yahtzee here other than dice.

Do you like cool bits?

You’ve come to the right place. Etched dice. ETCHED dice. None of that ****** screen printing here. Just. Sweet. Etched. GLORY.

Do you like direct conflict?

It’s a little iffy here. The combat system is a little strange and abstract, but it works. You roll dice. If you can pay/want to play a monster and you roll one, then you can. It then proceeds to attack everyone around the table. It’s not picky and doesn’t discriminate. It attacks everyone. This prevents the gang up problem that can occur in a lot of conflict-based games.

Jeez, I read all that. It didn’t really say much. Will I like it or not?

I think you need to try it. I know this is somewhat of a copout for a reviewer to say, but I think it warrants a play before buy. If you love Dominion (I do), Thunderstone (I do) and Nightfall (I do), you won’t necessarily like this. Give it a shot. You’ll probably either love or or hate it. Or just find it okay.

Go to the Rune Age page

Rune Age

41 out of 43 gamers thought this was helpful

Rune Age is rapidly becoming one of my favorite games. The four different scenarios in the base game have something for every gamer in my game group.

Scenario Reviews:

“The Cataclism” features full coop play for gamers looking to work together. Players win together if they make it through the entire event deck. They lose if a single player’s home realm is destroyed. (Though look out for the “Brother Against Brother” event card. Someone could get greedy and win it all themselves!

“Runewars” is quite the opposite. This scenario is popular amongst the wargamers in our group. Featuring player elimination and facilitating and promoting direct conflict. Games go relatively quickly though, so they shouldn’t be siting out for long.

“Resurgence of the Dragonlords” is a little in between. Players have an uneasy partnership as they have to work together to defeat the enemies in the event deck. The whole time they are strengthening their deck to become strong enough to defeat the scenario card itself. This is the way to win this one. Good middleground.

Lastly is “The Monument.” this reminds me of the race for advancement in RTS computer games. Direct conflict isn’t allowed, so it’s a good choice for your pacifist friends who enjoy more of a solitaire or euro experience. Just get as much of a money producing deck as you can and build your monument.

These scenarios are what make this game stand out from the other deckbuilders (of which I own most.) Great fun, and I look forward to future expansions!

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