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86 out of 157 gamers thought this was helpful

Maybe my title should have said: Eurotrash, a new era of boardgames. I won’t explain anything, my fellow boardgames reviewers did it very well. I will just say wargames are not exactly my favorite type of games, and after a couple of games of Eclipse I can say it’s not totally true anymore.

The big points: no downtime, easy learning curve (for this kind of game, it’s a very important point), brilliant turn management, lots of different strategies available, more than just a wargame.

And for me, why I really like it is simply because I can spend 4 hours in a game and not feeling it. I surprise myself after the first game asking if we can play another one. I was ready for another 4 hours without a problem.

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7 Wonders

48 out of 77 gamers thought this was helpful

At first,this game looks like a filler. Not that easy to learn but once you start you can see easily how it will go.

The game is quick and you can always have a plan at the beginning of the game, but you always have to adjust your plan each time you receive new cards. For me it’s more a game of perpetual adaptation and optimisation of every single card you receive. All the choices you make since the first card will make a difference, not only for you but also for all your opponents, even if you’re not seated directly beside them.

Yes it is a quick game, even at 7 players it takes maximum an hour to play. No it’s not a complete brain buster game, you deal with what you have in front of you, in your hand and what did your opponents with the cards they choose.

What I really like about this game is we can play it at 7 players, without any problems. And I love 3-4 players game, the game is completly different, you now have to deal with cards you refuse to play earlier, and it’s easier to ”cut” cards your opponents may really want.

It’s not a ”big” game, that’s for sure. But I stop considering it as a simple filler after so many games and so many ways to deal with the cards and wonders.

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