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My 1st review so be gentle… LoL

What you get for $20.00
Single 6 sided die, average quality off-white color
168 cards, average quality with “cartoonish graphics” see box art
Rules sheet, easy to read large sheet folded in half.
Endless hours of tormenting your friends for laughs 🙂


Set up time and preparation
(2 to 5 minutes)
You will need to take 168 cards and sort them into 2 stacks, treasure & door. Easy enough as the back of the cards either have a picture of a door or a picture of a treasure pile. I recommend just using a rubber band to keep each stack together when putting the game away.

1) Sort the cards into a face down treasure stack, shuffle cards
2) Sort the cards into a face down door stack, shuffle cards
3) Roll the die to see who goes first, I use highest number goes first then turns go around the table in a clock wise direction.
4) Each player draws 2 door cards and 2 treasure cards
5) Each player can play any or all of the 4 cards you start with.

As you can see, super easy and quick to set up the game!


How to play the game
1) Play any cards from your hand that you can/want
*Race card, class card, item card, level up, steal your friends item and etc…

(Draw a card from the door stack and place it on the table face up)
*If it’s a monster you must fight or run
*If it’s a curse card, you get cursed (do as card says)
*If it’s something else, put it in your hand
*If you dont draw a monster, you can play a monster from your hand

3) Trade items with other players and or play cards from your hand

4) Charity, if you have more then 5 cards (dwarf can have 6) in your hand you need to either give the extras to the lowest level player or discard them.


For example, You have to fight a level 8 monster…
*You need to have a total of 9 or higher to win combat
*You are level 5, you have two items in play which are +1 armor and +3 sword. 5 + 1 + 3 = 9 so you win the fight!
*If your number is lower then the monster you can either…
a) ask for help, bribe your friends into helping you
(add thier numbers to yours)
b) run away, roll 5 or 6 on the 6-sided die
c) play a card from your hand

Now for the fun stuff…
Now lets say your friend is fighting a level 5 monster and his/her number is a 7. You could play a card on the monster that gives it a +5 and now the monster is level 10 and your friend losses the combat. Sometimes you get stuff for another player losing and sometimes you get stuff for helping your friends.

If you lose combat, the monster card on the bottom will have “bad stuff” like lose level, lose item and etc…

If you win combat, you go up a level and you get to draw treasure cards. The monster card will tell you how many levels and how many treasure cards.


How to win
First player to get to level 10
*Get levels from killing monsters
*Get levels from selling items (discard)
(each item has a gold value and 1000 gold or more gets you a level)
*Elf gets a level for helping someone else
*some cards give or take levels


Misc info
I have the normal edition, the deluxe edition comes with a mat and minis that makes it much easy to keep score.

Game will last between 30 to 90 minutes.

Very high reply value, never the same game twice.

Sense of humor is required!

Tongue N Cheek humor based from Dungeons & Dragons.

Classes are warrior, thief, wizard and cleric.

Races are Elf, Human, Halfling, Dwarf or half.

3 to 6 players / 2 people can play just longer and not as fun or random

Can play it almost anywhere, been known to play this at work on my lunch hour

TONS of expansions and add-ons

Luck and randomness plays a big part of the game

Age range, I would say 10 and up

Who would like the game best? Old school D&D players that have a sense of humor and have friends that like to tease each other.

Who would not like the game? someone who hates the box art. someone with no sense of humor, someone who can never take a joke and someone who hates the idea of one of thier friends teasing them in a joking manor.


Learn to play 8/10 (easy to learn & teach but some questions not answered)
Replay value 9/10 (never the same game twice)
Game play 8/10 (fun and addictive game)
Game components 6/10 (no way of keeping score, I just use dice. Card graphics could be better)
Fun Factor 8/10
Over all score 8/10 with a high recommendation of getting this game!


Lastly… go over to youtube and search for Munchkin. You will find a video of Steve Jackson himself playing with 3 other people. It’s a great video that will teach you how to play the game and explain everything much better.

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