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Glen More

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Creating sheep, harvesting sugar and brewing whisky couldn’t be better.

Each player manages the areas of a scottish clan building farms, butchers, breweries and castles tiles to expand its territory. Every turn you chose a new tile for your clan territory which you need to strategically place in order to gain the best benefits. This choice also brings into consideration taking a tile that one of your opponents may need in the future. This tile choosing mechanism uses a track that you can chose which tile to take and depending on the position you can take more or less tiles than your opponents.

The scoring system is based on the difference from the lowest score player in each scoring resource, so you can’t invest in only one thing. It also rewards players who have the least tiles so they need to build their territory the best way possible but without using too many tiles.

It’s a pretty well done game with great choices with a simple and fast gameplay. An excellent light-middle euro.

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