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Go to the Tichu page


55 out of 76 gamers thought this was helpful

when i first played tichu , i was astonished how a simple deck of cards with 4 extra cards (dog, dragon, mahjong and fenix) and reasonable easy rules to learn ,how i got hooked by that game.
i just love this game . it’s so intense and always depending on the player who’s on turn to determine what or how the next hand will be played .. a single card ?…a trio? … and the addition as the ‘cherry on the the cake’ is the invention of the ‘bombs’ …. i just love it … let’s say i give it a 11/10 ( i want to give ‘njet’ a 10/10 that’s why :-))
also playable on for those who haven’t 4 enthousiastics in the house :-))

Go to the Shadows over Camelot page
50 out of 80 gamers thought this was helpful

i just ‘love’ this game
it’s beautiful and despite the lot of boards, cards and pieces … it’s an easy to learn and a very good game . especially the ‘traitor’ -role is so good that unmasking himor her could even let you win or loose the game , same as when the traitor reveales it’s identity …
i! played it maybe thirty times now and always was the tension there till the last minutes of play … will we succeed to protect camelot or not ? …. 9/10 !

Go to the Pirate's Cove page

Pirate's Cove

6 out of 30 gamers thought this was helpful

great game for family and hard-core gamers , last type of players will hate the dice i guess , but it’s a very funny game, where the planning of your trip (next island to visit) and the possible ennemies you encounter changes the course of the game every round … once you’ve plyed it , you will replay and replay it …thinking ‘i will do it the other way next time’ … hahaha and the captains are laughing …

Go to the Carcassonne: River I page
41 out of 64 gamers thought this was helpful

the river just tries to split the game into two halves and doesn’t bring anything better to the standard game , in fact playing the game hundreds of time already on table and on bsw (brettspielwelt germany) , the river makes me look for another game where it isn’t part of the setting-up .

Go to the Ticket to Ride page

Ticket to Ride

23 out of 57 gamers thought this was helpful

easy to learn , for young and old
and has received a place under “the classics’ of boardgaming already .
it’s fun , interaction is good and it plays smooth and fast … what could you ask more from a family game ..:-)

Go to the Puerto Rico page

Puerto Rico

27 out of 65 gamers thought this was helpful

not by coincidence , years on top of the boardgamegeek-ranking
avery very good game , where different approaches to score battle against each ther… perfect roles to choose with their own advantages and not often it happens …i can’t find a minus-point in this game (the i-pad game just came out , but why they had to change the interface is a miracle to me , for the moments i have to play boardgames alone 🙂
play it , play it , play it …
it’s fun, strategy and interaction from the upper shelf ! 10/10

Go to the 7 Wonders page

7 Wonders

32 out of 86 gamers thought this was helpful

that’s what a game in this category should be
and it is ..
so everyone who hasn’t played “7 wonder” before , try it … it’s worth every minute of your hesitation 🙂

Go to the Troyes page


59 out of 118 gamers thought this was helpful

after all
it’s a very fine gamle , that keeps you interacting and interested till the last count 🙂

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