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Robinson Crusoe is definitely a cooperative game, but it nicely avoids the “expert controls group” trap. Everyone has somethings they’re good at and they should definitely play to those strengths most of the time. Everyone in the games I have played felt like they were making their own decisions and yet contributing to the good of the group.

I think Robinson’s greatest strength, however, is the story it tells. You could just look at the numbers and crunch the stats, but you will far more likely describe the situation as the time when that gorilla wandered into camp and destroyed that slingshot I had been working on for two months!

Replay – very high since you have a bunch of scenarios included, plus some to download from the publisher, plus a newly-released expansion. Even the scenarios you have already played will be different each time.

Components – high quality board, tiles, cards, and bits

Easy to Learn – you will need the rulebook close at hand the first time or two you play this. Remember, this is a Polish game!

Give this one a look! Wife friendly.

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