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My friend told me yesterday that Ticket to ride was currently free at the app store. I was always uncertain about ticket to ride, it seemed too simple to me, but hey a free game is a free game. I received so much more than I expected.

Not only is ticket to ride a great game itself, (which I may not have discovered without this app since I had convinced myself it was too simple and didn’t have any friends who owned it) but this is a beautiful adaptation. It comes with a great video, an extremely helpful tutorial, and fantastic animations that help you track your progress. As others have mentioned the AIs are competitive, and I have to struggle to keep up at times.

I love the asynchronous play option which is currently not available in the iPad version. This is going to be a lot more fun to have a couple games going with than words with friends.

A fun to play adaptation of a great game
beautiful graphics and animations
soothing music
it’s currently free

Screen size makes clunky fingers a problem at times
Some of the menus are not that attractive
You have to use iOS game center to play with your friends
It may no longer be free depending on when you look at this

Overall I’d say it’s still well worth the $1.99 when this app is no longer free. I hope you enjoy it.

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