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What are you playing this weekend? (June 5)

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 5-Jun-15 | 23 comments

This weekend should be a good one for games. On my wish list to play are Ancient Terrible Things, Imperial Settlers, Lagoon and Pagoda.

What are you playing this weekend?

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Don’t know yet but I want to play games that I didn’t play for a while like
Eldritch Horror, Mage Knight, Xia, Talisman… we will see what me friends and family are up to.

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Well, since my week has been filled with nothing but chaos, I think it only appropriate to kick off the weekend by playing Pandemic and Room 25. And, if I feel my frustrations begin to melt away I’ll add something a little less intense to the mix, such as, Onirim or Love Letter Batman. Unfortunately, I won’t have time to play Mice and Mystics this weekend (AGAIN!) but mark my word……. It’ll happen next week! Oh yes…. It will happen!

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I just got my copy of Dominant Spieces and so i’m going to enjoy it on saturday evening. Also i’m planning Defenders Of The Realm on sunday with some hardcore pc gamers(like me in the past years but never again!!)hoping for changing their opinion about boardgaming.Any further free time will be spent with Panamax.The reason is that i MUST defeat my girlfriend in this game at last!!!

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