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This week’s Explorable Favorites (Jun 6)

Posted by Account Deletion {Family Gamer} | 6-Jun-16 | 5 comments

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This Week’s Explorable Games

This round of Explorable Favorites is from member John McGuinness. The games selected from their Favorites shelf were:

These games will be explorable until next Monday, June 13th

Comments (5)

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Mask of Agamemnon
The Gold Heart
Cooperative Game Explorer

Cthulhu! Cthulhu! Cthulhu!

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Anyone else that want to give their opinion on Call of Cthullhu?

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Congrats John! I haven’t played any RPGs in a long while, but love the Cthulhu theme. D-Day Dice looks good. Might pick that one up as part of my next game order.

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I inherited some Call of Cthulhu stuff from dear old Dads. Their ‘fancy’ modules have the best handouts like telegrams and receipts and one even had a metallic rune charm.

And this Explorable helped me pass the Grand Master Grader 75% mark

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Way to go John McGuinness! I really like dice games, and I did not know about D-Day Dice. Very nice game picks!

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