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Strategicon – video and photo gallery

Posted by renee {Power Gamer} | 24-Feb-12 | 8 comments

Strategicon Hall

Thanks for making Orccon 2012 awesome!

We started off the day with Safranito which was new to everyone at the table. During our Food Fight event the Cryptozoic team stopped by our table and Matt Hyra the Food Fight game designer introduced us to some new games recently released by Cryptozoic Entertainment.



Food Fight Cryptozoic

Toc Toc Woodman

Pack & Stack

Toc Toc Woodman

Favorite quote from an onlooker: “Should I be scared that the women are doing so well with that axe?”

The Toc Toc Woodman Tournament was truly epic. After several rounds of battle and crowds of onlookers, three expert choppers faced off. For their final battle we combined TWO SETS of trees to form a soaring tower of cores and bark…muahahha.

Congratulations to Jasmine who won the Toc Toc Woodman Tournament. I overheard her say, “I’m Toc Tocing some smack!” as she deftly cleaved several pieces of bark.

Tournament Video

Special thanks to JacobRomeo who volunteered to run events all day at our table!

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Fun looking game. I like these things so much.

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@Rick Baptist
FYI I awarded your account the gold from the tournament since your Jasmine didn’t have an account.

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Thanks for quoting Jasmine and for providing such a great gaming space all con! Look forward to seeing you soon! 🙂

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I have to get to more cons. To much fun that I’m not having.

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Off beat a little, but does anyone know of a good convention in the Chicago or Indy area. Also, would be at any of those?

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Looks like was well marketed with the stand up banners at the tables and… I believe I saw “Level Up” t-shirts? It was great to be seen at one of these smaller Cons – can’t wait for GenCon!

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Wow Granny, it’s pretty early for a mint julep!

It was neat to see Toc Toc Woodman in action, definitely a game that benefits from seeing it played over reading about it.

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LOL! You need to make those people take a class on basic physics before playing Toc Toc Woodman. I screamed “hit it from the other side!” several times. Stressed me out. I need a mint julep.

Granny out.

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