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Review: Troyes

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 23-Feb-12 | 6 comments
Troyes board game title

Troyes character card

The game of Troyes recreates the construction of the Cathedral in the medieval French city of Troyes way back in the year 1200 – which was no small task back then. Players act as a member of a rich family and use their money and influence to affect these three aspects of medieval society…

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Comments (6)

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Ugh, I would have to be forced to play by my group! 🙂

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This is a fascinating, highly rated game. The learning curve is intimidating though.

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Looks like a very interesting game. Maybe I can talk one of my other gaming friends into buying this so I can play it 🙂

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This is a special little game. It’s too bad Tournay doesn’t quite get to the same level… but Troyes is worth checking out.

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I’ve been meaning to play this game.

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I’ve been hearing a lot about this game. Thanks for the review!

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