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Review – Glass Road

Posted by Andrew L {Avid Gamer} | 7-Feb-14 | 7 comments

Glass Road player boards

Glass Road is remarkable and elegant. It combines the familiar aspects of game designer Uwe Rosenberg’s previous games and distills them down into something palatable. It plays quickly and takes up little space (compared to Agricola and others). There is so much great gameplay experience in such a small package. The mistake would be to dismiss Glass Road as just another Euro.It really does break new ground in several areas. As you take your trip down the Glass Road, each trip will be a challenging yet memorable one…

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Comments (7)

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I may have to give this a try even though I really don’t enjoy Agricola.

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I was totally baffled by the Production Wheels, so I used the link to read the Rulebook. Now that I understand that, I agree that it’s a very elegant system and the game looks to be very interesting and fun.

A bit expensive, but it’ll probably end up in my collection this year.

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Great review. I must try to find this at the next boardgame café here i Copenhagen.

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I’ve watched all video reviews there is of this game.
I know I’d like the game but it’s not right up the league of my gaming group and I think it’s too heavy for my wife or my eldest son. I have to push Caverna on them first to see how that works out…

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Played for the 1st time last week. Have gotten a copy and look forward to playing it. It has elements from his other games, but is faster and still enjoyable. Uwe has become one of my favorite designers even though I did not like Agricola, I have continued to like his later releases and this is no exception.

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Uwe has been trying to make his games more portable for a few years now. Up till now he is being succesful.

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I’ve been staring at this one for awhile now. I might have to snag it after seeing this review…

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