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New Quests for Hearting games

Posted by Jim {Power Gamer} | 19-Jul-11 | 8 comments

The Supporter

“Hearting” a game is your way to show your support, and it requires more than just words … it requires cold hard BG gold (10 to be exact). Anyone can say they “love” a game, but hearting allows you to become a virtual sponsor. This will turn the “hearts” into a competitive ranking system, where gamers can have a LOT of influence over what games show up or not.

The “Most Hearted” games are now shown in the main widget on the home page, and the game category pages can also be sorted by the number of hearts. Are you a loyal fan of a particular game? Fight for it, by giving it hearts.

This competition gives rise to the “Warrior” theme for the quest titles … that a Knight is fighting for a game, a Vanguard is in the front lines, and a Champion is the ultimate supporter.

Check your progress on the new quests >

Below are descriptions of the new hearting quest badges and achievements.

The Supporter


Kettle Helm – the basic infantry helmet with a chin strap and buckle

Give 10 hearts (loyalty points) to a single game

The Advocate


Great Helm – The curved top was able to deflect the impact of blows

Give 25 hearts (loyalty points) to a single game

The Zealot


Tilting helmet – Protects the neck and head but has no visor to raise

Give 50 hearts (loyalty points) to a single game

The Knight


Bascinet – Most knights discarded the great helm by the mid 1300’s in favor of the conical visor that could be raised on the bascinet

Give 100 hearts (loyalty points) to a single game

The Vanguard


Close Helm – Became popular during the 1600’s with knights that wore plate armor. Built to protect the neck.  Also had a visor that closed to guard the head

Give 250 hearts (loyalty points) to a single game

The Champion


Peer Helm – Worn by nobles. instead of the Knights visor, the face is guarded

Give 500 hearts (loyalty points) to a single game

The Knight Errant

Knight Errant

Close Helm – With a plume to show royalty and prestige

Be loyal to the general Good. Give 25 hearts each to 10 different games

Comments (8)

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Limiting hearts weirds me out a bit.

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Seems like the hearts are limited so I can’t level up today 🙁

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Seems like it used to be easier to do the quests.

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I take it the system changed slightly since Hearts now cost 20 BG?

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Heh, I agree with Markmistr!

How about introducing additional heart-related ranks:

Henchman – giving at least 1 heart to 10 different games
Sqiure – giving at least 1 heart to 20 different games
Page – giving at least 1 heart to 50 different games

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Would like to see more quests for hearting different games.

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@ericbjohnson A big part of why certain things have limits is due to the “game” side of the site, and rewarding users as they continue to use the site. You’re probably thinking “but you charge gold to heart a game, so users will eventually be limited anyway since they would run out of gold.” We’ve thought of that, but since we can’t work on too many things at once, we’re letting things sit for awhile to see how the system works with this amount of users over time.

The other side is trying to balance the game system because we want it to inspire fun, while at the same time not create a site with junk content because everyone just wanted points.

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Why limit the ability to heart games during a day? I can understand favorites… but not hearts.

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