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Game Updates — Things That Go Bump in the Night

Posted by Jeff W. {Avid Gamer} | 22-Oct-14 | 3 comments

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The third in our Halloween-themed updates focuses on the spirits, specters, and creatures that haunt the dark. Share your favorite ghost story or spooky game below.

User Requested Games

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Expansion Groups


A Touch of Evil game family (Flying Frog Productions)

The Haunting House game and expansions (Twilight Creations Inc.)


{G} Ghooost!
iello | 2013

Spooky Stairs
Drei Magier Spiele, Lion Rampant Imports | 2013

18 Ghosts (Second Edition)
nestorgames | 2011

{G} Spooks
Steve Jackson Games | 2003



{G} Monster Café
Gamewright | 2013

{G} Monster Fluxx
Looney Labs | 2013

{G} Monster Mayhem
White Wolf | 2007

{G} Torches & Pitchforks
Green Ronin | 2003


…and Things That Go…

{G} Bump in the Night
Twilight Creations Inc. | 2008

Comments (3)

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Love the Halloween theme approach 🙂

I have only recently found out that Forsaken Lore expansion for Eldritch Horror is not on here – hope it’s added soon.

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I’m loving the Halloween-themed game updates. Even though games like these are right up my alley, I’m always amazed to find ones that I’ve never heard of before. It’s also a nice reminder of some oldies but goodies (like Torches & Pitchforks) that I should dust off and play.

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@Jeff W Another awesome themed inventory update 🙂 Time to complete my ToE collection 🙂

(And The Haunting House – time to check attic storage on that one)

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